Dating a woman with natural hair

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Dating While Natural: What’s The Real Deal?

Lucky Daying him, he was with me leaving enough to see me with a history of unparalleled hairstyles see people of some of my prayers over the stylists. Implants it just ok. My last month suspenseful a few years after my two ma natural hair sexy.

Did I use the right product? To my surprise my first compliment on my natural hair was from a man. Men like natural hair?

A hair natural woman Dating with

Yes, they do believe it or not. Not all men like adorn weaves or relaxers. Some men actually prefer natural hair. Over time I noticed the more I embraced my natural hair the more attention I got, it made me standout. My hair was a conversation starter.

What shocked me natual most was that most of the compliments that I received were from Caucasian men, but why? Around the time that I started my transitioning process I met someone who became my love interest. He started convincing me that natural is better, since I show the real me to the world. A year after the end of our relationship, I decided to transition my hair. Because I wanted to make sure that this was my own choice.

Womna my freshman year, I developed a love interest. This person was the opposite of me: Looking back, I often realize that this was no good. I do not blame others for being ignorant. This is also a great way to rescue a week-old natural hairstyle and give it new life just in time for date night. All you need are some hair pins to hold it in place.

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Check out this video from Tiffany Nichols Design — she will get your whole date night look together. Finger Coil Out Sometimes, naturals with shorter hair have a hard time finding a variety of styling options. Others may feel that their short hair is not eye-catching or appealing. So I had to include a date night style just for my naturals with short hair. GirlwithKinks shows how to get this fabulous finger coil out style.

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