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Felt was something of a suspect, especially after the mysterious meeting that occurred between Woodward and Felt in the summer of Do you resent the implication deepthrot some dewpthroat that your sources on Watergate—among them Gkrls fabled Deep Throat—may have been people in the intelligence community? He had nothing but contempt for the Nixon White House and their efforts to manipulate the Bureau for political reasons. Other commentators, however, have speculated that Felt may have had more personal reasons for leaking information to Woodward. In FebruaryDean reported that "Deep Throat" was ailing, and Rehnquist was known to be suffering from cancer, which caused his death later that year.

Havill said anyone regularly checking the balcony, as "Deep Throat" was said to have done daily, would have been spotted. FBI executive whom Mann mentioned but considered less likely than Felt.

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Felt was particularly unhappy with Gray's management style at the FBI, which was markedly different from Hoover's. Both he and Leonard Garment dismissed Fielding as a possibility, reporting that he had been cleared by Woodward in when Fielding was applying for an important position in the Reagan administration. After Hoover's death, Felt became angry and disgusted when L. Patrick Graya career naval officer and lawyer from the Civil Division of the Department of Justicewith no prior law enforcement experience, was appointed Director of the FBI over Felt, a year veteran of the Bureau. Woodward and Bernstein wrote in All the President's Men that key information in their investigation had come from an anonymous informant whom they dubbed "Deep Throat".

One of the men was James W.

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Some suspected at that deepyhroat that Woodward might be upblic Felt if he could reveal him derpthroat Deep Throat, though Felt, when asked directly by others, had consistently denied being Deep Throat. I resent it because it's untrue. Served as special assistant to the President, was nominated as a potential candidate by Dean in his June book Unmasking Deep Throat. His wife explained that their son overheard her "speculations"; Carl Bernstein himself also immediately stepped forward to reject the claim, but many did not believe these claims. Havill had argued in his biography that "Deep Throat" was a composite figure, but stated in a letter to Poynter Online that based on more recent events and research, he now believed "Deep Throat" was George H.

Woodward and Bernstein consistently denied the theory.

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