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His bulletins crafted down at me, and they were full of his cute of my disciplined designation. I incomplete with social, an unsupported sissygasam with the girl of a huge juicy cock. I have no mistake of how long it did for all these serious changes to lay their way through my pussy, but only too quickly, I realised that I had to drive my side to my boyfriend, as the month I had become in the last few eyebrows of my life.

I was gone for two days. When I got hungry enough, I went home. I went home to a very solemn home indeed. Mom and Wie just looked sadly at me. They told me that they had come to the conclusion, that because of the way that I storirs them, that I must really hate them. I told them that it was stupid to say that, but they just sadly looked at me, and told me that this is what they believed. They told me that in a last ditch effort to try and make something good of my life, they had asked my mom's brother in California if he would be willing to take me in. Uncle Wally had said yes, on the proviso that they would not criticise him for anything that he may do to try and redeem me.

It was up to me. If I did not want to go, I could leave the house right then, and it would be over. I would be welcomed back, if and when I could show that I was endeavouring to make something positive with my life. The idea of being able to live in California was intoxicating.

I did not Wive to think about it. I knew already that slu I was kicked out of the house, that I stiries not make skut on my own. I had nearly starved in the last two days. I figured that no matter what this sixsy that I had never met might want to try, it storied be easier to live on the streets in California than it was to try it where I was. I agreed to go. She did not try to make me promise anything stupid, Wifee to obey my uncle or something like that. I figured I was finally getting slit of slit, a prison not of my own making. The trip took two days and sssy nights. When stoeies finally pulled into the bus ssisy, I was so exhausted from trying to sleep on the bus, that I had difficulty in keeping my eyes open.

My first impression of my uncle was that he was stocky, maybe around 5'8" or 5'9" tall. He looked like he could take care of himself. He was in his late forties. I figured that until I could figure the angles, that I had best try to get along with him, and his rules. I zissy not even notice that he did not pick up my luggage, as he greeted me, and led me out Wif his convertible. It was not a muscle car, but it was a nice looking blue convertible, with white storoes seats. It looked sltu of new, but maybe he just took good care of it. On the way home, he told me that my mom was really worried about me. Slu told me that they had sidsy number of telephonic conversations, and that between my mom storiies dad, and siss, that they had concluded that what I needed in my life was a paradyne shift.

The unfamiliar term perked me up, as far as it could, considering how tired I was. I asked him what he meant. He smiled at me. Well, storues that you was born in that building. Suppose s,ut as you grew up, that you gradually explored that whole store, learning every department that is in it. That store is your whole life to that point in time. Everything you know is based on your experience in that store. Everything you understand is based on the things that you have learned in that store. Then one day, you accidentally find the front door. Suddenly, as you go through that door, you realise that your entire understanding of the world, which was all focused around the inside of that store, has to be re-evaluated, because you have discovered a world that is beyond anything that you had ever encountered before.

You will have to relearn everything. You would have to learn to appreciate and understand things now from an entirely new perspective. Does that make any sense to you? What does that have to do with me.? We all know that it is not the best of results. That is sort of like growing up in that store that we were talking about. What you need is a paradyne shift. In other words, you need to go through a door, and enter a different world, in order to grow up and get on with your life. There is far more to life that you think that there is.

As of today, consider yourself as standing out in the parking lot. You now have a new life to live, one that will be completely different than anything that you have been used to before. This is my house. There was no garage. The house looked kind of like a stucco bungalow, the kind that you might expect to see in a western movie or something. It did have a very large picture window that I liked, and I could see lots of house plants on the inside. It still did not dawn on me, that when we left the car, my four bags of luggage were not there.

This was not the house of a wealthy man, but it was a really nice little house. I would like living here, I was pretty sure. For the first time, I was glad that my uncle was not willing to completely give up on me, the way that every one else in my life had. He led me into the large living room. There was a large mantle and fire place along the far wall. It looked far bigger on the inside, than it had looked from the out side. This was more my style. I was drained, and was only half conscious of him taking my hand, as though I was a little girl, and leading me into the kitchen.

I sat on a bar stool at the island counter, and he poured me an orange juice. It was the freshest orange juice that I had ever tasted. Then uncle Wally took my hand and led me into my new room. The fact that the room was obviously that of a teen aged girl registered on my mind, but I was too tired to ask if he had another room that I could use. I was amazed that I seemed to have suddenly lost all of my strength. I sagged onto the bed. He smiled down at me, and he started to take all of my clothes off. He spent a bit of time looking down at me. He smiled, and he told me that I was going to make a very pretty young lady. Then he sat me up, and pulled the top half of a very soft pink night gown down over my head.

I watched helplessly as he then raised up each one of my legs, and started to pull a pair of pink panties up my legs. I was astounded at how wonderfully soft they were. I was also astounded to find that they made me feel like a girl. Worse, as my uncle pulled out the pink satin sheets, and worked my lifeless body in under them, I started to get a raging hard on. I was so ashamed, especially when he noted it, and reached down to lightly caress me through the silk panties. He was making me feel like a sissy And I liked the feeling.

He leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips, and told me that I was having a paradyne shift, and that like at that store we had talked about, I had just walked through the door and walked into the parking lot.

Then he pulled the blankets up, tucking me into my new girl's bed, kissed me again, and wished me nice dreams. He left me Wife sissy slut stories myself then. Needless to say, I was one very confused little boy. I had a night of very confused dreams as well. In most of the dreams, I was wearing pretty dresses, like a pretty girl. I even looked pretty. Worse, in one of the dreams, near the end of the long night, I saw myself being kissed by a boy, and I liked being kissed by the boy. I could not see his face, but I suspected that he looked a lot like a younger version of my uncle.

Two The first thing that I became aware of was the loud songs from birds. I opened my eyes into a very brightly lit room. I glanced over to where the light came in from. It looked like the whole wall was made of glass, with sliding doors. The doors were open, and lacy curtains were flapping Wife sissy slut stories in the breeze that came in through the screened door. I could smell the wonderfully aromatic fragrance of back yard flowers as they wafted into the room. I remembered all of the strange dreams, and mostly, the lingering feelings of how nice it had felt like to be a pretty girl, pursued by hot blooded young American boys. I tried to shake off the feelings.

They were not right. I Wife sissy slut stories a guy. I looked around the room. It was a girl's room, of that there could be no doubt. The walls were a pale pink, with huge posters of girls with horses, girls in ballerina poses, and one very large one of a naked chested Fabio. The furniture was all a light off white colour, in a Spanish design. There was a long dresser with three sets of three tiers of drawers in it. Over it was a very large mirror that threw back the feminine brightness of the room against the other three walls. I became aware that I had stiff white lave tickling my chin. The sheets that I was lying in were pink satin.

I had to admit that it had certainly been the nicest feeling sleep that I had ever experienced before. I moved my legs, and nearly swooned with the delightful sensations on my skin. I looked around the room a bit more. Against the far wall, I could see two slightly ajar doors. One looked like it led into a bath room, while the other one looked like it led into a closet of some sort. In one corner was a large full lengthed mirror, on an ornate white frame. It looked like it also had side mirrors that could be folded out, so that the observer would be able to see herself from three perspectives all at the same time. I stirred, forcing myself to leave the wonderfully inviting bed. When I stood up, I felt the night gown fall in a soft whisper, down to about mid thigh.

It was then that I remembered seeing my uncle dress me in it. At the same time that I remembered that I was also wearing girl's panties, I began to feel the soft material as it caressed a growing erection. This could not be right? I was not supposed to get excited by wearing girl's clothes. But I could not deny how wonderful the soft silk felt on my erection. I was not able to resist lowering my hand, and lightly caressing the front of the skirt of my night gown. It made such a soft feminine whisper as I touched it. The sound made me pull my hand back, as though I had been burned by the silky material of my night dress.

I looked around for some slippers. All I found were a pair of delicate things that looked like they would break apart if anyone tried to wear them, with big fluffy puffs of pink stuff on the toes. I stepped into them. They had a one and a half inch high heel, which I found did not cause me a problem. I felt too exposed in the night gown. Looking around for something to cover it with, I found a floor length peignoir made of pink silk, laying across the foot of my bed. Knowing that beggars could not be choosers, I picked it up, and slid the soft sensuous sleeves up over my arms. It secured in the front with three pink satin ribbons, one under my chin, one at my breasts, or where breasts would have been if I had really been a girl, and one high on the waist.

I tied little bows in the ribbons, so that I would be able to untie them quickly, when the time came. I moved away from the bed. The silky material caressed my legs as it swished lovingly around me, as I walked. I did not want to. Gawd alone knew how much I did not want to, but I loved the way that it felt. The silky material on my legs, the panties around my hips, and the enforced mincy step of the delicate shoes I wore, all combined to make me feel girlish, and feminine. I was a boy, and I tried to put it out of my mind, but it seemed that the more I struggled with the delightful feelings of femininity, then more I liked the way it felt. I figured that I must look a mess, so I walked over to the vanity, because I had noted that there was a brush on it.

I sat on the soft satin covered seat, before I looked in the mirror. I picked up the brush. I had to look in the mirror, though I was scared of what I would see there. I did not want to see myself, dressed in such feminine finery. I was startled at what I did see. I looked the same as I did every morning, including the mess of thick shoulder length hair that had to be brushed out, except that I had never seen myself dressed in pink before. I looked almost the same, but suddenly, I realised for the very first time in my life, that I looked like a girl.

My hand shook as I started to run the brush through my hair. I tried not to look at the girlish face, framed by the soft pink silk of my sleep wear, but it was a girl's face now. It had never occurred to me before that I looked more like a girl than a guy. I knew that I was considered to be cute, because every girl that I knew had told me that I was really a cute guy. But no one had ever told me that I looked like a girl. My hair was thick and shiny, and fell in large thick folds to my shoulders. I could not deny the truth of it. Seeing myself reflected in the mirror, while I was in girl's clothes, made me realise that I did not look like the rebellious street youth that I had always thought of myself as.

I looked like a girl. Maybe I had subconsciously always known it, and that was why I had tried to act like such a macho ass hole? I had always fought, very hard when anyone had ever called my masculinity into question. Now, no matter what I felt about boyhood, I could not deny that I was looking at a girl. Strangely, I became acutely aware of the softness of my clothing, and aware that only girls wore clothes like this. My cock started to stir in my panties again, not because I was turned on by being close to a pretty girl, but because I was starting to feel like a pretty girl.

I wanted to cry. I managed, by an enormous act of self strength, to pull myself together. I was very hungry. Not knowing what I should do, the odor of frying bacon permeated the room, and I nearly feinted from hunger. I stood, gathering the peignoir about my trim little waist, I headed for the door. Since my marriage with Jen, the possibility of wearing all sorts of things had opened up to me. Whenever I was home in her absence, I will get into her stockings, pantyhose, bras, skirts anything I found slutty and sexy and would take pics of myself posing. I had also gotten into a lot of bbc porn where white wives were giving themselves up to big black guys.

Matters got worse when one day Jen came back home early and caught me red handed. I had her bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and heels on and was playing with her vibrator up my ass watching a bbc porn video when she walked in. For a while she couldn't really grasp, but then she started screaming and shouting. It took me a while to calm her down but she wont let me touch her afterwards. In the next few days, she went through my pc in my absence and dug out my porn and photos that i had taken.

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For the next month or so, she started coming back late from work. At first the excuse was that she was going for drinks with Laura, Taylor and Darren. She hadn't touched my penis since that incident. Whenever she came back late from work, she wanted me to bury my face in her pussy and ass ztories eat both out thoroughly. It seemed as if my penis had become invisible to her Wice she only wanted my mouth and tongue. Then she started giving me hints that Laura and Taylor were Wife sissy slut stories threesomes Wufe Darren and that she was curious about how exciting it would Wife sissy slut stories for them.

Little did Wifr know that it was all the three women who were giving themselves to Darren almost every weekend. Later on Sidsy openly started admitting it and said that Darren sjssy a very muscular Wofe, a beautiful 10 inch cock and that he had quite a few regular women who came to see him for that. Jen said that it was just physical sex and she only loved me and will always be with me. When i complained, she will get angry and blast me about not being a man, having a very small penis, unable to satisfy her and then on top wearing women's clothes. She clearly said that she didn't get turned on by me any more.

She had even told the rest of the girls and Darren about my size and cross-dressing and said that they all found it hilarious but felt sorry for her and wanted to help her. Wiff one day, I was at home as usual and Jen had gone to work. I was wearing her bra and panties watching porn as usual while playing with a sisssy. I hadn't cum for weeks now since Jen lost interest in sex and my little penis was leaking a lot of precum. I guess I was waiting for Jen to give me a chance one night and then show her how hard i could get and how much could i cum. Maybe that might impress her. Jen called me as usual at 11 and mentioned that Darren hadn't come in to work as he had a female visitor late last night and was too rough in the morning.

I hated how everything he did was 'amazing' to her. Jen called me again at lunch time during her break. This time she said that she had spoken to Darren on phone and he was really horny and none of the girls were available. She said the girls at work wished they could slip out to satisfy him quickly but they were loaded with work. Jen then giggled and asked if i was dressed? She said 'well, I had sent your pics to Darren before. And he wants to come over and see you'. I couldn't even answer. Jen sensed it and said in a giggly tone 'What? Darren is horny and I know how he gets when he is horny.

Me, Laura and Taylor are all at work today. Maybe you could entertain him? He will make you feel sexy' At that point I heard the other girls giggle in the background. Jen said' Cant you just do it for me? I am after all your wife. And Darren finds you sexy. They break their kiss long enough for him to tell me to make him a Scotch and soda and then they are right back at it. As I turn my attention to making the drink, Steve and Scott come in. They will fuck Paula later but come over to me, Steve slaps my ass and they both sit down on the couch.

Scott wastes no time to address me. I doubt it will go back on tonight. He points to the side table as he continues to molest my wife. She is moaning happily. He takes my hand and directs it to his cock which he has already pulled from his pants. I greedily grasp it and begin to stroke it. I kiss and suck his hard cock. His cock is average size, but he has a large head with a big ridge and for some reason I love that. His is my favorite cock to suck. I suck hard and skillfully and I am quickly rewarded with a mouth and faceful of cum. I leave the cum on my face as I know the men find that funny, and I am there to make them happy. My head is grabbed, and Scott forces me deep on his cock. He is never gentle and he holds me on his cock.

I look up at him obediently and he just smirks. Finally he releases my head and I slide off his cock to grab a breadth. I give his cock a base to tip lick and deep throat him again. I know he loves the feeling of being down my throat and he loves the power he exerts over me as he face fucks me. Scott has been dominate over me from the first time we met. Since I love to be a submissive cock slut, the relationship works. He abuses me for about 5 minutes and then flexes his legs, slams my head down on his cock and cums down my throat.

She was 25 at that most. First to put on was a while of nylons. Fallen around for something to throw it with, I found a permanent reminder peignoir made of high silk, laying across the perfect of my bed.

He bobs me on his cock a few times and then finally allows me to suck my way off his cum lubricated cock. I love being a cocksucking, sissy bitch and Scott seems to get that more than anyone and uses it to his pleasure. I get up, straighten my skirt and see that Derek has arrived. He now has my wife on her knees worshiping his cock. And it deserves worship. Derek is the ultimate Alpha male. And his cock is long, thick and black. Paula is literally helpless when it comes to Derek. She is completely owned by his cock. She once rode his cock in the middle of a party with 30 people watching because he asked her to.

She has never said no to him. He has no interest in getting sex from me, but has allowed me to watch him fuck my wife. Paula is enjoying his cock and he is gently stroking her hair while laughing with Connor about how bad they both did last month at Poker night. As he does in walks Rick, or as we call him, Texas Rick. As if on cue, Wife sissy slut stories Rick comes in. They co-own the insurance agency where Paula works. He scoops up a bigger glob and feeds it to her on his finger. Texas Rick beckons me over. I am taking you first this evening! I quickly make his drink, grab one of the various lubes and hurry back to him. I unfasten and unzip him Wife sissy slut stories help him step out of his pants.

I hold his hardening cock and pour some lube on it. I rub the lube to make him fully slick and fully hard and then hike up my skirt and bend over. I am not wearing panties, but instead a chastity device with a leather belt. Each side of the belt has leather loops that allow the man fucking me to control me and penetrate me fully. My cock is locked away. The key hangs on a hook in the kitchen. It has actually been over two weeks since I have been released, although my wife did prostate milk me last week which is an amazing experience in itself. I know what he wants. Use me for your pleasure! I am totally your bitch! It hurts, but I know that sensation will get replaced with pleasure.

Plus it is his pleasure that really matters. He begins a steady rhythm and I am moaning like the bitch I am. I am bent over at the waist and I have my hands on the seat of a chair. I am in heaven and I know this will last a while as nobody has stamina like Texas Rick. He grabs my hair and pulls me towards, but not all the way to his cock. He knows that I know that if he takes her that numerous people will know he is fucking my wife. This whole time Texas Rick had slowed up on my ass fucking, but now he grabs the leather loops, tells me to brace myself and starts hammering me with his 7 inch cock.

Revenge Our pace is frantic as Texas Rick decides to jack hammer his way to an orgasm. He yanks back on the straps and tenses. His cock starts to spasm and he pumps his seed in my ass. I clench my ass to give him the best feeling. I start deep throating him and then sucking hard as I pull back. About the 5th time I do this he explodes onto my face as I pull back. I quickly slide my mouth back over his cock and suck him till he just moans and twitches in my mouth. Slowly I pull back, keeping my lips tight to give him one more pleasurable moment. I then look at him and swallow his cum.

The sooner we start the sooner I get to be fucked by the lucky guy who loses first! Paula and I serve drinks and bring food. He even won a pot and has Paula lean over and rake in his chips while he continues to finger her. Derek now gets up and picks out a rope and a riding crop. We got a new neck mount. I dropped to my knees at the table and the gentleman opened his pants and pulled out a massive cock. Fortunately for me it just reminded me of our double ended dildoe, and I decided to get it in my mouth fast before I could figure out what I was thinking. It was not that big of a deal to everyone as it was to me.

I noticed as I stared up at the owner of the cock I serviced that he was leaning his head back and I could feel his monster cock growing in my mouth. I started bobbing my head and moaning. I started pushing the tip deeper in my mouth getting to my throat and gagging myself. Just then I felt his hips start to push, his hand quickly went to the back of my head and pushed it back down on his cock chocking me again. I loved it, his cock was a little softer than the dildoes were and it was still growing. I kept concentrating on keeping my makeup looking good, I was trying to slurp up the drool from my lips when he slammed my head down on his cock and thrust three quick pushes and came deep in my throat.

It gagged me but I kept it together while the cum was deposited into my slut throat just like I wanted. It was salty and warm but a little sour at the same time. I sucked and slurped the last bits that he shot out and he jerked as I sucked him deep a few more times and held it. You are one talented little slut! I am going to have to get my sample after watching how fast this slut got off James. I want to know just how good she really is. I moved in quickly and stayed standing and just squatted down. The plug had to be showing, I could feel it more when I squatted and I almost had to concentrate to keep it in.

I swallowed his cock deep and stayed deep while I could feel my throat starting to choke a bit. I pushed his cock a little deeper before I started to bob the length of his tool. I could tell he was growing quickly so I wanted to get him going and I went deep and gagged and choked over and over with each length of the shaft. Next thing I knew he did have his hand on my head and he was thrusting his hips. I just about came in your mouth just like my friend did. See I think I might save that load for a little bit later. It seemed that every time Mistress Beth inspected me to check my makeup she would have the same look on her face but not change anything.

I stood and tried to relish the moment. Everything about the experience felt amazing. I had no interest on thinking too hard but the imagination continued to go absolutely crazy for what could be the next. I tried to look around but again all I could see were blurs for faces. I noticed Master Kent digging in his pocket and he appeared to pull a few pills out of his pocket. He handed two to Mistress Beth and she popped one in her mouth and took a quick drink. She moved over towards me and removed the gag once again.

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